Why My VideoTik Bonus is Better Than The Rest

Why do I claim my VideoTik Bonus is better than most?

While you’re taking the time to learn about what VideoTik is, what it can do for you and how you can best use it to improve your business by getting eyeballs on your offers

So, you’ve heard about VideoTik and have begun doing some research on it.  That’s great, you should always be sure that what you’re thinking of buying is a solid product.  VideoTik is just that.  It’s from Neil Napier and Abhi Dwivedi who are two of internet marketing’s heavy hitters.

By now you probably know that VideoTik can help you build videos for TikTok quickly and easily whether it’s viral videos, meme’s or quotational videos.  It can help you get your offer in front of almost 800 million people. There’s no denying that is fantastic.  You can see my VideoTik Review here if you want to learn more.

A Quick Rundown on Affiliate Marketing

However, while you’re looking around, you’ll see a ton of advertisements for VideoTik bonuses.  You probably already know what that means but if you don’t here’s a very brief introduction to affiliate marketing.

Product developers sell their products to the public.  In many cases online as well as the real world, there are people who make a commission off those sales.

In the online world, those commissions, also known as a referral fee, are paid to people known as affiliates.  The rate of commission varies from 10 – 100%.

For our purposes, the referral fee is unimportant, just know that when you click on a review link, bonus link, etc.  Those links are coded to a person’s “affiliate code” so when you click their link and make a purchase, they get a referral fee (a.k.a. commission)

Why They (We) Offer Bonuses

Now, to entice you to click on their link, as opposed to someone else’s they all offer bonuses and that brings us to the purpose of this article.  You see, there are a lot of crappy bonuses out there.  Most of it is rehashed PLR (private label rights material) that you can buy for a few dollars, add a fancy looking sales graphic from Fiverr and sell as something new.  If you don’t know what PLR means, I’ll create another post for it and add the link here.

Before I get blasted, not all PLR is crap but much of it is.  There are some very good PLR products out there and they can cost upwards of several hundred dollars.  (Full disclosure, I have used some of the higher quality plr myself.)

Ok, so they offer you some crappy PLR that they found or was even given to them by the product creator who either created it as plr or, more likely, bought the master resale rights for it. They then give them out to affiliates to offer as bonuses.  Sometimes they “stack” a lot of these cheap products to entice you as an “irresistible offer” in hopes that you click their link.  Again, this low quality material can cost as little as $2.00 and in my opinion is completely worthless.

If you know me at all, you know that I do not recommend shoddy products.  You probably know that I have been around a while and have purchased many of these products to improve my various business interests (and will continue to do so).

Most Bonuses are Absolute Junk

What does this mean?  Almost every time I have gotten a “bonus”, it has been pure junk.  It’s either some poorly crafted, old material that is too basic or an older “software” that is out of date, or just flat out doesn’t work.  Many of these items are WordPress plugins that don’t work with the latest versions of WordPress or an executable file that I would be suspicious of running on my system.  I usually don’t even bother downloading it or creating account.  When I do, I’m almost always disappointed.  If you’ve been around for longer than a minute, you know this is an accurate statement.

There Are Some Useful Bonuses Available

That does not mean there are no good bonuses out there.  In fact, I’m writing this because I believe my bonus it truly unique and special and I urge you to check it out.

Here’s a very brief description of my bonus – it’s from Steve Larsen formally of Clickfunnels, and yes, it is privately labeled.  Steve was offering it as a promotion for one of Russell Brunson’s products and it was so good, I actually bought the product again just to get Steve’s bonus.

My VideoTik Bonus

If you don’t know who Steve is, he worked with Russell over at Clickfunnels for years and has become an expert at crafting offers and creating optin / sales funnels.  Something we all need to work on.  After all, what good is getting eyeballs on your sales pages and videos if your offer is weak and your funnel stops too early in the process.  Your results will be sub-optimal.  Traffic and effort is expensive, your offer and process is something that can make you profitable or send you packing.

See what this incredible VideoTik Bonus is at https://oldishaffiliate.com/videotik